To Save A Life Week

This is national “to save a life week”. The kids in youth, and us adult leaders wore Love on our arms today to support it, and to show that we will help those who feel helpless. We showed the youth a movie called “to Save a life” tonight and it was awesome. It made a […]

The forgotten ones

Today I faced a real test of my faith, a test to see if I truly believed what I say I believe. A lady from our county called the church today, and since my job as tech pastor at the church has me there during the day, I got to hear about the call. She […]

Whose job is it?

I got pretty emotional today during this song, while watching Michael Jackson’s funeral service. I remember when I was little, I bought the “We are the World” 45 record. I wanted to do my part, and the money went to help the hungry people in Africa. The song is still very relevant today. Read the […]