September 11, 2011 – It’s been 10 years…

It’s been 10 years…and that’s hard to believe.   We have lived with horror of 9/11/2001 in our lives for a decade now.  As every American can say, I clearly remember that day. It was Tuesday.  One of the 2 owners of my company were in NJ / NY working in one of the hospitals […]

Freedom of Speech

Today’s decision by the Supreme Court is already causing a lot of controversy.  They ruled that the Westboro Baptist Church CAN protest at military funerals.  And I say, of course they can, why would they not be able to?   Now don’t get me wrong.  I HATE what Westboro stands for, and I HATE what […]

Pay your respects and Give Thanks!

Today is September 11. 8 Years ago, our nation was attacked by terrorists. We can all remember exactly where we were, and watched the coverage on the news. Take time to STOP and REMEMBER those who lost their lives on this day 8 years ago. And remember those who have been fighting ever since to […]