Easter Weekend

Well, another Easter weekend has come and gone.  We had 6 services this year: 2 silent Communion services on Good Friday, and 4 Weekend services.  For the most part, everything went nice and smooth. The sucky devil, though, wanted to make my job hard.  I lost a projector during the second communion service, and the […]

Help, even if you don’t feel like it!

Friday, I went up to a church to help a their tech guy get stuff ready for their “Christmas Sunday” cantata.  Now, I am pretty busy these days, and helping someone else’s church when I can’t get our work done is not my highest priority.  But I went, cause I feel like I am supposed […]

Social Networking During Church

I get asked all the time about this topic, and being that my job is technology, I’m sure you know how I feel. If you don’t know, we have an online LIVE stream for sunday services. During the service, we chat with the people watching. You can interact with us on facebook or twitter too. […]