Atlanta – Day 5 Trip Home (Fri)

We got up, gathered our stuff, and then checked out of the hotel.  I wanted to hunt down Northpoint Church, but it was 24 miles in the wrong direction.  So I went to find Buckhead Church.  I thought being a satellite of Northpoint that it would be a very large place, but i was wrong! […]

Atlanta – Day 4 Conference (Thurs)

Ok, so we got up and to the conference at 8:30.  First up, was a “Management Skills for Tech Team leaders” class Next, was worship and our second day Keynote speaker, Shaun King So, then was lunch, and then classes for the day, and then we got on a bus to go on a church […]

Atlanta – Notes from Day 1 Keynote

Keynote: Ed Stetzer 1 Peter 4:10 Notes from the first Keynote speaker:  How do we provoke one another towards love, good deeds, missions, and service? I. Today’s church has too many passive spectators, and not enough active participants! A.  When we treat churches like theaters (with performers up front), we create passive spectator Christians. B. […]

Atlanta – Day 3 Conference (Wed)

Got up and ready early today.  Had to be at the conference at 8:30 am.  We got there, and headed to our first class of the day. After that, was worship and our first Keynote speaker, Ed Stetzer, who was great! After our Keynote, was more classes and lunch, and then the expo where we […]