Today I faced a real test of my faith, a test to see if I truly believed what I say I believe. A lady from our county called the church today, and since my job as tech pastor at the church has me there during the day, I got to hear about the call. She called and and said that she worked for the county retirement center, and that she had a lady who was disabled, and not able to do things for herself, that needed help to finish moving.

She called us out of desperation because the churches around the center wouldn’t help. She called 5 churches in the town that they are located in and was told that they only help members of their congregation. She got in the phonebook and found our church, and recognized the name, and knew that we help people. She called and left a message with the secretary for one of us to call her if we could help.

Now, this week is REALLY busy for me, for one, our Senior Pastor is on vacation, and our Associate pastor is moving in to a new house, and had contractors there all day. That left me and our Youth pastor, who was taking his kid to the doctor. My first thought was that I had too much work to do, and that I couldn’t do it, I mean I am busy, I don’t have time for this. I was ready to say no. I went back in to my office, and felt God telling me to think again. He didn’t like my answer. I just couldn’t shake this.

Finally, reluctantly and kinda grumpily, I called the lady from the county. I started to explain all the reasons that it was a bad time for me to come, but that if she could wait until afternoon I could rustle up some people. This lady, was just a worker at the retirement center, she was not related, just a caring person, trying to help. I heard myself tell her that I would bring the church van, and meet her with as many people as I could find at 4:00. Ok, God, I got it. I’m going.

So, we went. We got there, she was waiting, and the situation was worse than I had imagined. This lady, had been on her own, abandoned, and left in filth and unhealthy conditions, and no one cared. This place was hard to imagine unless you saw it. Bugs, dirt, you name it. We started loading boxes, and got her dresser out, we filled the van. Everything else was left for the apartment manager to throw away. It was really bad. I was glad that we had the opportunity to get her into a place that she will be monitored, and safe.

Now there are a couple things about this situation that are really messed up. First off, what is wrong with the other churches in that area? Why was the help refused? It only took 3 hours of our day. 3 hours. I am not in the position to judge anyone, but what kind of answer is “we only help our members”? How long will churches sit in apathy, and ignore the world around them? How long can we pretend that everything is fine, and good in our world? It made me mad just to think about it. 5 churches, 5 No’s. She recognized our church by its name, and knew that our kind of church would come. Now, this lady has lived right in our town, behind our freestore building, and no one knew it. There is a whole apartment complex, probably full of people like this woman. We didn’t know they were there, but the ones who did, left her.

Which brings me to where is the family? We learned that this lady has 2 daughters, who pretend she doesn’t exist. What is wrong with people? How can you leave someone that can’t take care of themselves, completely helpless? How can you ignore their situation when you know about it? How can you ignore someone you have limited time with? There is so much sin in our world, that someone can leave their mother to die. That’s just sad.

My biggest goal in ministry and life is to do what God called me to do. I must be obedient to God’s voice. I must look around me. Look, because today proved that they are there. The ones who can’t help themselves and are waiting for us to come and pull them out. They need us, and they need God to help them, but how can we do that if we say no.

I felt like God was telling me that all the stuff I had to do, my ministry work, is all useless if I said no. That there is nothing more important than people. He was saying that If I can’t be who I claim to be, then what is the point? And as a representative of our church, I felt like we can’t say we love to help people, and then say no. 3 hours of our time saved someone’s life! Anyone can give that, anyone can serve. We have to get out of our comfort zones and do what God says to do. Otherwise the whole thing is pointless.

Obedience to God, may have saved one life, but what could we do, if we all tuned in to what He was telling us? What kind of difference could we make? What can you do? What are we willing to give?

I am willing to give my all for what my God tells me to do. I committed to serve him as a 12 year old boy. I told Him that I would do what He told me to. I try everyday to live that out. I sometimes fail at it. But I always try. All He wants from you is that you try. Try to serve Him, try to give of yourself. Imagine what a difference we could make!