“They make loads that are hard to carry and lay them on the shoulders of the people.  However, they are not willing to lift a finger to move them.” – Matt 28:3b,4 GW

Jesus is talking about the scribes and pharisees and religious leaders.  They make up rules and then beat the people with them, and keep the people weighted down and chained by the very thing that should be setting them free.  And they never change.  These type still exist today and unfortunately, people are still listening and becoming slaves to the truth that has the power to free them.  These “so-called” pastors and “so-called” preachers share a gospel that binds people and makes them slaves to it.  It makes them burdened with a load that they cant bear.  It teaches them that they are not forgiven, because of all the conditions and rules that are placed on a free gift.  They never do anything to help the people get free.  The people live their lives trying to measure up to a standard that no one can live up to.

I must help free people from the slave masters who have them captive.  The slave master can be the person teaching bad doctrine, or the slave master can be themselves.  Either way, we are supposed to teach the people about God’s grace and mercy and that the only thing that they can do is receive a free gift.  We must teach that there are no conditions on it.  We must help free them before its to late.  We have a truth that is not always taught.  We are responsible for it.  We must do everything to help these people who are in bondage to religion, and show them that following Jesus is their escape, not their prison.

God, help me and us to always share this truth, and to do our part to free the captives.  Help me to share this message.  Help me as I work to send our message out to the world.  Bless my ministry, and bless all our ministries here at the Vineyard.  Bless all the ministries at the other churches too.  Bless our pastors Chuck and Mark as they try to teach it, and all the other pastors who are sharing this gospel.  Help us to set people free.  Bless the lady that we were talking to yesterday.  You know where I was.  Show your self to her and let her see you and not a you that she cant follow.  In Jesus Name, Amen.