Ok, so I admit that the title is a little in your face, but its a good question. We have been working non-stop for 6 weeks now on our new Vineyard Downtown Freestore and Youth Center. Yesterday, a man from the city came in and issued a stop order on our work.

So for years, we have been running the freestore in a run down, building that was literally falling down. So we moved it to a new building, and the city steps in to stop us. So, we are being attacked for our expansion and efforts of trying to help people. It seems like every time we try to help people, the devil rears his ugly head. I am sick and tired of his crap. We are being punished for trying to do good.

Anyway, we are working to get it resolved, but we need some people to pray for our situation. It is going to be very costly, and a lot of red tape. It could be months before we could even start up work again. I am sure that we will prevail, but it is tough for us right now. Pray for God’s favor in our situation, and that the state inspectors and state boards will expedite us with as little cost as possible.