I often struggle with inadequacy. I sometimes feel like I am unqualified, and unskilled, and unable to do my work. I get frustrated and angry with myself when I am unable to do things, and I can’t let it go. I am constantly reminded of things that I know that I should be doing, but aren’t. I am extremely hard on myself. Ok, there. Now you know how my crazy mind works. My own mind tries to curse me with Inadequate feelings. Many times, though, I consider this a blessing more than a curse! Before you call a counselor, let me explain.

I am in full-time ministry at my church, and I have a responsibility to advance the reach of our church. I am responsible to reach the lost. I know that I can’t do what God has called me to do without His help. The inadequate feelings help me to rely on God, and hear His voice, and know that He is with me. For me, it’s a drive, it’s a focus. I am able to trust God more, knowing that I can’t do it anyway. God uses this to push me and steer me in the right direction, and I know that God’s hand helps me through it.

Sometimes, life attacks, and it sucks. But, those are the times that I must rely on God. I must say my “Oh, God” prayer and turn it over to him. The truth is that I AM Inadequate because I am human, and have a sinful nature. My desire is to follow Him fully, and do everything I can, but it’s not HUMANLY possible. It is SUPERNATURALLY possible!

When I get those feelings, that is probably an area that I need to turn over to God, and let him help me with. I do what I do because God told me too. And through that obedience, I know that God will give me what I need to do it. That is the point where inadequacy turns into a stronger dependance on the one that I am working for in the first place. He must work through me, and all I have to do it say, here I am, send me!

Being inadequate or unqualified is a blessing, you see. God can and does use whoever He wants. I am just along for the ride. I must daily turn my life over to Him, and make sure that He is in control of it. I know that I am unqualified to do it myself, and everytime I try, I fail.

Thanks God for the burning desire to follow and serve You. Thanks for the reminder that I need You to do it, and that I am not qualified as a human to fully do what I need to do, without You. So, thanks for the Blessing of inadequacy!