Print Anything to any iOS5 device (without Airprint printer!) – Windows

If you HAVE to use Windows, here is the fix: I was able to make Airprint work with IOS 5 !!! here is what you need to do : First , if you had installed Airprint before and if the Airprint Service is still in your Service list ( you can check by running the […]

Post WFX comments

Just got back from WFX.  This years conference was good and had many good points, but at the same time, over the past few years, they may have lost the plot a little. Here are a few of my complaints from this year, along with suggested improvements: 1.  WFX 2011 was all about Video and […]

Im in Dallas

Been in Dallas for 2 days now, done all the sites, shopped, visited, got another apple store from my quest,  and now i’m ready for my conference to start tomorrow!  Should be Fun!

Atlanta – Day 5 Trip Home (Fri)

We got up, gathered our stuff, and then checked out of the hotel.  I wanted to hunt down Northpoint Church, but it was 24 miles in the wrong direction.  So I went to find Buckhead Church.  I thought being a satellite of Northpoint that it would be a very large place, but i was wrong! […]