Freedom of Speech

Today’s decision by the Supreme Court is already causing a lot of controversy.  They ruled that the Westboro Baptist Church CAN protest at military funerals.  And I say, of course they can, why would they not be able to?   Now don’t get me wrong.  I HATE what Westboro stands for, and I HATE what […]

Atlanta – Day 2 Sightseeing (Tues)

We slept in today, and then went out and had some breakfast at IHOP.  Then we heading into downtown Atlanta to try to find the World of Coca Cola and CNN tours. We found it, the World of Coca Cola is awesome! After the Coke Museum, we walked across the park and went to CNN […]

Atlanta Day 1 – Roadtrip (Monday)

We started out leaving Franklin at 12:50 pm in our awesome rental car. We hit the road and started out.  The maps and GPS are telling us that it will be 9 hours to get there, but I think we will make good time.  From home to Ohio, we had no traffic, and now we […]

To Save A Life Week

This is national “to save a life week”. The kids in youth, and us adult leaders wore Love on our arms today to support it, and to show that we will help those who feel helpless. We showed the youth a movie called “to Save a life” tonight and it was awesome. It made a […]