How does Romans 7 apply to me?

I have spent the last several days wrestling with Romans 7.  Paul, who is at this point a strong christian, is talking about his struggles with sin.  Not to say that Christians don’t struggle with Sin, but that he has realized how big of a deal it is.  Here is the passage:   “14 We know […]

Post WFX comments

Just got back from WFX.  This years conference was good and had many good points, but at the same time, over the past few years, they may have lost the plot a little. Here are a few of my complaints from this year, along with suggested improvements: 1.  WFX 2011 was all about Video and […]

Im in Dallas

Been in Dallas for 2 days now, done all the sites, shopped, visited, got another apple store from my quest,  and now i’m ready for my conference to start tomorrow!  Should be Fun!

Appalachia Mission Trip

Just got back from our mission trip to Appalachia.  Couldn’t really post while we were there cause the internet availability was sketchy. Really got to help a lot of good people, and make a lot of good connections.  Had experiences that I will not forget.   Hope to do it again next year!